Everybody knows that exercise is good for your health and most people want to be fit, but just can’t find the time to get to the gym or go and play a sport of some kind. One way of keeping fit that is vastly overlooked is by using walking exercises. By doing this you can integrate this into your normal daily routine, without having to take time out to go to the gym.

You can walk to work, or during your lunch hour go out and take a walk somewhere. When you do walk try and quicken your pace a little too, this will get your heart beating faster and build up your fitness levels.

If you can at weekends, or whenever you get time, take a walk down on the beach or in the park close to where you live. Walking becomes a pleasure when you go to nice scenic places, so if you can take a drive to the coast one day and have a long walk then you won’t even notice you are actually doing exercise because you will be taking in the beauty of your surroundings.

Walking exercises are perfect for the elderly or people who are obese. You don’t have to really overstretch yourself, you can just walk further than you usually do each day and you will soon see your fitness levels increase. If you take a regular route somewhere when you are walking then try taking a slightly longer route and getting to your destination in the same time as usual.

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